SIGRA was founded in 1990, with the aim of developing electronic instrumentation and control systems.

Our main area of expertise being electro-optic engineering, we successfully developed the innovative meshed detection light screen now known as the SIGRA CL System Safety Light Curtain. Developed in close consultation with installers, end users, and Government safety authorities, the CL System has found broad acceptance throughout industry with cost, performance and reliability beyond other machine guarding systems.

The well proven SIGRA CLA system of Photoelectric Light guards is a unique and innovative concept in light curtain technology suitable for safeguarding a wide variety of powered machines. Most other light curtain systems operate in the grid format. Generally, this requires a matching transmitter and receiver pair that send and receive parallel beams.

The SIGRA CLA system essentially operates on the proven through-beam, transmit/receive principle. However, identical transceiver bars perform both transmit and receive functions, which generates the uniquely intermeshed, invisible Safety Net pattern. This offers many advantages including very high beam density especially where it is needed most, the top and bottom quadrants. In these "Hot Zones" the CL system has a twice the rated resolution. (Down to 10mm for 20mm rated resolution.)

Further Advantages include:

  • Inherently safe optics suppress dangerous reflections and allow easy alignment.
  • Easy set-up as all transceivers are wired identically.
  • Minimal inventory for spares (1 transceiver will replace either end).
  • Very cost effective.

Standard Features of the SIGRA CLA:

  • Controller can run up to 4 complete curtains of any size or combination.
  • Controller supplied standard with two 6 amp output captive contacts.
  • Auxiliary 6amp changeover (normally open and normally closed) outputs.
  • Selectable Auto or Manual reset function.
  • External device monitor input. (Reset buttons, gates, slave relays, valves etc).
  • Dual mute inputs to safely monitor muting devices.
  • Integrated, monitored mute lamps.
  • Controller housed in rugged IP54 cast alloy enclosure

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