Complete single curtain systems

CL0360ASYS                Curtain  360mm high                  
CL0520ASYS                Curtain  520mm high                  
CL0680ASYS                Curtain  680mm high                  
CL0840ASYS                Curtain  840mm high                  
CL1000ASYS                Curtain 1000mm high                 
CL1160ASYS                Curtain 1160mm high                 
CL1320ASYS                Curtain 1320mm high                 
CL1480ASYS                Curtain 1480mm high                 
CL1640ASYS                Curtain 1640mm high                 

Systems Are; two transceivers, a controller and all plugs and parts required to assemble a single A Controller can operate up to 4 complete curtains, so individual controller and transceiver price (Note: prices are for each transceiver, 2 transceivers are required to form an additional curtain)

Individual Transceiver and Controllers Plugs included

CLCBA0775      Controller for up to 4 curtains      
CL0360A           Transceiver  360mm High            
CL0520A           Transceiver  520mm High            
CL0680A           Transceiver  680mm High            
CL0840A           Transceiver  840mm High            
CL1000A           Transceiver 1000mm High           
CL1160A           Transceiver 1160mm High           
CL1320A           Transceiver 1320mm High           
CL1480A           Transceiver 1480mm High           
CL1640A           Transceiver 1640mm High           

Corner Mirrors

CL0360MIR       360mm High     
CL0520MIR       520mm High     
CL0680MIR       680mm High     
CL0840MIR       840mm High     
CL1000MIR       1000mm High    
CL1160MIR       1160mm High    

Cables and Accessories

PW05   Transceiver plug pre-wired.
CABLE Four Core overall screened cable. 

Power Supplies

CLPUP Regulated supply 85-265VAC. Up to 4 curtains.

Also available

ExD Flameproof Enclosures
DIP Dust ingnition proof enclosures
Chem-Seal Enclosures

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