AS4024.1 1996 General Principles
General principles of machine safety and guarding as well as risk assessment.

AS4024.2 1998. Installation and Commissioning requirements for electro-sensitive systems-Optoelectronic devices.
Deals specifically with installation of Light Curtains. Gives details of safety distances (distance of light curtain from trapping space), and how to calculate them from curtain resolution, and total response time (light curtain response + machine stopping time).

AS4024.3 1998.
Deals with the design and performance of Light Curtains. Virtually identical to A.S.4024.2(int.) 1992

AS4024 Parts 4 & 5
Deals with design, performance and installation of Pressure Mats.

IEC61496 Parts 1 and 2.
IEC61496 International Safety Light Curtain Standard. Treated as equivalent to AS4024.

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